One of the things  was disappointing in my travels was the food. Or lack there of.

People need food. Proper food. Yet, at most truck stops we passed mainly had fast food. McD’s, Taco bell, Wendy’s, Arby’s, DQ, Hardees/Carls Jr, and the like. A few places had Denny’s, Country Pride Kitchen or their own diner, but not enough.

The amount of men and women that live their lives on the road, to get goods to the American people, you’d think there would be much better options available.

Fast food should not be a daily thing. They are not healthy enough for sustaning a healthy lifestyle. The truck stops also have shops. Mainly convenience store type food. Many snacks, very few healthy options. How are we to keep these men and women healthy with such limited choices?

Yes, of course there are other resturants in the area, yet with a truck, very few places that offer proper parking or are not close enough, to where the ELD time restrictions become an issue, so health flies out the window.

I find this very sad indeed.


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