Confined space

I’ll be heading out again soon. I’m getting very homesick for the road again.
Unfortunately I have no way to stay in the states as often as I would like.
Yet, I do have many photos I have taken while I was there. So in the mean time I will post photos from my previous 2 trips.

It’s amazing how addictive this can get. I guess if I was out there every day, my opinion might be different. Yet stuck in a truck for 2 weeks straight with one of my closest friends, is a delight. It really does say a lot about your relationship, or friendship when you are stuck in such a confined living space for an extended period of time.

There is room for a bunk bed, a couple cabinets, mini fridge and not much else. Good thing I am short, so my suitcase fits at the end of the bed.
You really learn about yourself and what is truly important for you to have and in general.

Can’t wait to get out there again  😀
Charlie Ann ~
(I did’t seem to get any photos of actually inside the cab itself during my trips. So here are links to a few generic photos of inside such a truck)

This is the basic look. Just with a bunkbed and not a table (like in the first photo).
The other side just has another cabinet with a mini fridge between the passenger seat and the bed. So yes, very little room.


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